August long weekend 2007

Wanda and I went to Saskatchewan to visit her family. The trip was good, it was the first real trip that we took with the Jetta, the fuel mileage was excellent. The entire trip was aver 1200Km, and we used $65 in fuel. I have no complaints. We have been buying diesel fuel for about $0.83/Liter which is reasonable. I remember the first time I filled my truck with gas at $0.87/Liter that wasn’t reasonable, it’s funny the way we get used to the raised prices of things.

We stopped in Foam Lake for a burger and deep fried ice cream, the burger was good, the ice cream was not. I tried to feed the ice cream to a cat who wouldn’t eat any, and neither would I. I saw a elephant slide that is similar to the one Wanda hurt herself on when she was a kid, the difference is that this one is blue and that one was red.

Wanda and her parents made some borsht tight from the garden. I know it’s normal, but is seems kind of strange to me, they just picked vegetables cleaned and cut them then boiled them and it was made. It was a good meal, we’re still eating it.