New table saw

I bought a new table saw the other day. It’s flipping heavy, like four sheets of drywall by yourself heavy. The box says 300 pounds. I spent the last two or three days unpacking, assembling and calibrating it. I’ve decided to build our own cabinets and cupboards so I’ll get some use out of it. Maybe I’ll be one of those crazy woodworking guys that makes everything out of wood, Hopefully not.

Hanna the drywall cat

Back to drywall. I put a few more sheets up tonight. Hanna always climbs the ladder and watches me work a few weeks ago she jumped on the rail for the overhead door and walked to the center of the span, the whole rail started oscillating (vibrating) a few inches back and forth, I ran up the ladder to stop it. She doesn’t go up there anymore. I bought this light from one of our customers for ten dollars, I’m using it for temporary light until I get the scaffolding into the garage to paint and put the fixtures in the ceiling.

Our fish

After work today we picked up our fish and brought him home, I also built a temporary stand for his tank out of scrap pallet wood, and it looked good so we painted it with a water based wood sealer.

Jake the cat

I bought a 1/2″ EMT (Metal conduit) bender, a length of conduit and four lengths 14ga wire and wired the electric door opener buttons, it works good, I can’t believe we’ve been pulling the chain all this time. Jake was a good help, he always climbs the ladder and sits on my shoulder when I work.

More partition wall

More work completed on the partition wall. It’s 32′ wide and 18′ tall. Aaron is getting the drywall lift to do some ceiling work when I’m done, it sounded like he’s stuck doing drywall when I get this tool to him and he said no rush. Just to be funny, the deadline is this weekend for my drywall to be done. I pounded a few sheets up tonight.

Partition wall insulation

Today I started dry walling the last wall of our house (the garage side of the partition wall). The last few days I put insulation in the wall cavities, although it’s a wall between two heated spaces building code requires minimum R-20 insulation, because it separates a living space from a garage. It works in our favor anyways because this green insulation is great sound reduction, and we can also lower the garage temperature to save money and store food in there.

House update February 2009

I figured I should add a few pictures to the website as I haven’t updated it for a while. It hasn’t been as easy since I broke my camera phone, finding a real camera seems like such a task at times.

I guess the highlight of these pictures is the closet built on a moving wall, it makes building the house from the garage a lot easier. I cut most of the things in the garage then carry them into the house for assembly, it keeps the mess out of the house. My current work is building an 18 drawer thing that will be part of a wall in the bedroom, our clothes will go in it. The backside of it can be seenĀ  in picture 2 but not picture one, it’s blocking the bedroom window in the second picture.



Xbox 360 Open tray error: A week ago I got to look at a broken X-Box 360. It would not recognize the disk that was in it, and you could hear that it wasn’t spinning it as fast as it should. We looked on the internet and on you tube for a fix, we found lots of people pounding on it, spinning the disk by hand, throwing the Xbox against the wall and dragging it behind their car, but nobody had a good fix. We took the drive apart and found that the three phase motor that spins the DVD had dried out grease in it, it was thick and you could tell that it was hard to spin just by tuning it by hand. I looked around for a suitable thin high temp grease, but had none, I did find some transmission fluid though (type f actually) three drops into the bushing inside the spindle fixed the problem. I should have made a video of the fix for you tube, but I didn’t think it would be so easy. If you know me and your Xbox 360 had drive problems call me, I need a broken one to make a video.