Dresses for africa

We went to our church today to sew dresses for girls in Africa. They are made from pillow cases and are easy to make, the open end of the pillow case makes the bottom of the dress. To make it the closed end is cut off, and the corners are trimmed to make armholes, the top is folded, hemmed, and elastic inserted. Then bias is applied to the armholes to make straps. Add a pocket and it’s done. The lady who started this drive has a website littledressesforafrica.org. Shown below is the dresses we made today, with our daughter wearing them.

Hard drive shorted electrically

My computer has been toast for a while after a few power surges that we had, and I figured that a capacitor had shorted in the power supply, I took it apart and found the fuse blown inside, I ordered a new power supply and installed it and it still won’t turn on. I found one of my hard drives had an internal short between 12+ and common. I traced it to a zener diode that is for protection of the drive that had shorted, a quick removal of the bad part and it’s all up and running again.