Lights on

Today Andrew came over and attached a 2″ LB to the side of my main panel, I pulled the smaller wires into it, tomorrow he will return to hook the 2/0 main wires into it, and the ground. When that’s done we should be ready for a rough in and a service inspection. After that we get electricity. I’ve also mounted a few lights on the trusses for temporary light, they look good.

Water test

The results are in:

This water sample has PASSED and therefore meets the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (CDWQG) for bacteria in drinking water.

Test Description Result Aesthetic Objective Units of Measure
Zinc (Zn)-Extractable 0.02 5 mg/L
Copper (Cu)-Extractable <0.0004 1 mg/L
pH 7.62 pH units
TDS (Calculated from EC) 590 mg/L
Sulphate (SO4) – Soluble 88 500 mg/L
Calcium (Ca)-Extractable 67.1 mg/L
Potassium (K)-Extractable 4.08 mg/L
Magnesium (Mg)-Extractable 85.3 mg/L
Sodium (Na)-Extractable 22.1 200 mg/L
Iron (Fe)-Extractable 0.12 0.3 mg/L
Manganese (Mn)-Extractable 0.0115 0.05 mg/L
Nitrate+Nitrite-N – Soluble 0.022 10 mg/L
Hardness (as CaCO3) 519 500 mg/L
Hardness-grains/USgal 30.3 grn/USgal
Hardness-grains/IMPgal 36.4 grn/IMPgal
Conductivity 904 umhos/cm
Chloride (Cl) – Soluble 13 250 mg/L

We got our well tested, it cost 79 dollars for the testing but I think it was worth it, at least it cured my curiosity.

From what I figure the Aesthetic objective column is the maximum guideline, and the Result column is of course what our water has.

It all looks good except the Hardness (as CaCO3) which is 519,  Ideally hardness should be much less, as seen in the chart below.

  • Soft: 0–20 mg/L as calcium
  • Moderately soft: 20–40 mg/L as calcium
  • Slightly hard: 40–60 mg/L as calcium
  • Moderately hard: 60–80 mg/L as calcium
  • Hard: 80–120 mg/L as calcium
  • Very Hard >120 mg/L as calcium

It looks as though we will be getting a water softener. The water is drinkable though, The E.Coli and coliforms counts were both zero, so all is well.

Building day 61

I found a few pictures from last week, to the left is a picture of the house with the meter panel with double masts and underground conduit attached. We got 400 amp service and opted to have two masts wired in parallel, it’s like having two 200 amp services attached to out meter panel. From the meter panel we get 200 amps to the house, and 200 amps to the future house.

Also shown is our neighbor to the south Mellissa W. we had her over for supper a few days ago, Wanda made steak, potatoes, and beans. We haven’t really had anyone over before so we had to build a quick eating table. A few quick pieces of plywood made the saw table into a good place to eat.

Wanda has planted a garden around our holding tank, it’s the best looking tank on the street. We also have started a garden, by we I mean Wanda, Jen, and Tre. I’ve kept myself out of the planting for this year.

Wanda`s welding

It’s been a few days since I’ve written and I’ve forgotten what we’ve done lately, so I’ll just pit the pictures in and talk about them for a bit.

Below you can see the air line that I have installed inside the walls, it goes from the upper level of the garage, through the lower part of the garage, through the kitchen, and into the laundry room. There’s also another fitting outside. We’ll never be far from compressed air. I used schedule 40 pipe that’s made for potable water it should work, it’s good to 480 PSI. I welded the pipe to a piece of angle iron and lag bolted it to the studs. It should hold up to repeated hose pulling.

I got some sections metal that we lit a fire inside to clean them out, I planned to make a fire pit out of them. The plan is to weld three together and bury them in the ground with a pipe going to the bottom for air. We lit a small fire with three rings and it burnt very hot and smoke free, then I put six rings and too much wood and it made lots of fire and stink. Well three rings should work good. I got the rings and tacked them together with the welder then got Wanda to weld them together. As the story goes Wanda welded them together then welded our names into them and I think they are going to be a flowerpot or something, but not a fire pit. Maybe next week I’ll build a fire pit.