This weekend Wanda and I went to Ken’s farm. He has a field that has been sprayed with roundup and worked a few times. We worked it again with the disks, then Ken seeded it with a Valimar, then we worked it with the harrows and a cultivator. After that Ken packed it with a packer, it was impressive.

The Valimar is like an air seeder body without a cultivator (shown above). The seed is put onto the center part, where it is measured by a set of rotating rollers that are driven by a tire. As you drive the tire turns chains that turn a shaft that drives a transmission (different gears for different seed rates) that drives the rollers. The seed falls down from the rollers into a set of tubes, then it is blown down the tubes and out the booms on the sides. I think there are 24 tubes in all that are equally placed across the back. The white hose in the picture supplied air to the tubes from a PTO driven blower. The whole set up works pretty good, and seeding was done fast. This unit only puts the seed on the top of the soil, so we had to harrow it to get the seed covered.


After work today I did some minor work to the Jetta. It hasn’t been stopping well, so I checked all the brakes. Mechanically they are great but they are still spongy, I bled them without any difference. I think they are going to need a proportioning valve (hydraulic valve that limits pressure to the rear brakes to prevent lockup). I’ll leave that one for an other day.

Later on Wanda and I went to play bingo with Sonya, and her daughters. We all had a great time, and it was air conditioned.

It has been too hot lately, but luckily the thermal blankets over the windows are keeping most of the heat out, but when it’s 37C outside there is not much you can do.

Power pole connectors

I got some electrical connectors in the mail today. I ordered them from ebay, there good stuff. I’ll attach a picture later. I’m going to put one in each vehicle and tractor at the farm, and in my own vehicles. They are useful to have if you ever want to plug in anything that takes a lot of power (as cigarette lighter sockets only supply 10 Amps), these connectors are small and will handle 45 amps, and are as easy to connect as plugging a plug into the wall.  Ken wants them in the tractors so that he can run a bailer monitor, and whatever else he may need in the future. They could be used for power invertors, charging small batteries, a 12V fridge, 2 way radio, or whatever else that you don’t want to permanently wire into a vehicle.

Golfing in inwood

Wanda and I went to the golf tournament in Inwood today, it was very good. We played best ball, and we shot 92, Wanda did excellent. She shoots well, and pared a hole (I know it’s a common occurrence, but this is her third round of golf ever). It was a good day, and a hot one.

When we got back to the city I bought a few thermal blankets (the things that look like tin foil, they sell them in the camping section), I am going to cut them up and tape them over the windows to limit the amount of heat that we let in. I think we get over 50% of the heat in our apartment from radiation, through the windows. Our 8000 BTU air conditioner can’t keep up on warm days.

Time for a fudgsickle

I keep thinking that it is Friday today, it feels like Friday. I got home from work to find the fire alarm on at the apartment building. It’s was rather noisy. We have a few false alarms every year, I went inside anyways, after a few minutes (15) they turned it off and I think an ambulance was called for an older couple. I’m not sure what the deal was, and I doubt that it will make the news.

We had the land surveyed a few days ago for elevation. It seems like we may have to build the spot for the house and garage seven feet before it is at the same level as the crown of the road. I may have to buy a large tractor with a push blade, or maybe an older truck with a dump box on it. I just have to find a truck that is small enough to not require a safety every year.  We talked to our neighbors to the north who dug a large hole in their backyard to build up their house site. They said it had cost $8000 to dig the hole and haul the fill to the front. I’d rather buy the equipment and do it myself than pay someone else to do it. I can always sell the equipment when were done, or keep it to make a perfectly landscaped yard.

I had my Yeasu VX-5R on today, and heard that they did take two people from the apartment block away for smoke inhalation. Sounds like they will be ok. All is good, and it’s time for a fudgsicle.

Top 10 burgers

Wanda, Scott, and I went out for a burger at the burger factory on Nairn today. It was a top notch burger, and I have eaten many burgers. I find that I am usually saying that whichever burger I’m eating is so good that it rates in the top ten of all the burgers that I’ve eaten.  It seems that it’s time to make a top ten burger list. I’m going to leave all homemade burgers off this list.

The Top Ten Retail Burger List:

  1. The burger that I ate at the Ashern Bull Auction.
  2. A Burger from the restaurant at the Steeprock beach
  3. The burger factory on Nairn burger (I had the factory special)
  4. The King supreme
  5. Double cheese burger from the “Top Dogg” hot dog stand by my work
  6. Whopper with cheese, no onions, heavy all  (I’m allergic to onions)
  7. McD Cheese burger with lettuce and a handful of fries in it.
  8. Teen Burger or Mozza Burger I forget which one
  9. DQ Cheese burger
  10. Skinner’s burgers

Jetta rear springs

If you’ve ever seen an older style Jetta, one like ours, you may have noticed that the rear end is always riding too low. Ours rides fine with no fuel in the tank and the trunk empty, but if you fill the tank and put two skinny people in the back seat it bottoms out over the smallest of bumps. Today we fixed it. Wanda and I purchased new rear shocks (because they were worn out), rear spring seats, and new rear springs

The rear springs that we purchased were the standard heavy load aftermarket replacement springs for a 1989 Volkswagen Jetta. After installing the new springs and shocks in we noticed no difference in ride height. As you may guess I felt very discouraged, so I dug out my old spring book.

We chose a set of springs with a stiffer spring rate, but could only get springs that had tangential ends on both sides. The Jetta springs have a tangential end and a pig tail end. To solve this I used the old upper rubber spring seats on the bottom of the new spring and the new rubber spring seats on the top of the spring. The  original springs had only a rubber on the top and nothing on the bottom. Everything went together very well, and it rides level even with a full trunk and two people in the back.


Today we had our family over for dinner to celebrate Wanda’s birthday. Wanda make some shish kabobs / Souvlaki (Greek: Σουβλάκι). It was very good, it’s hard to see in the picture but there is beef, mushrooms, zucchini, and orange bell pepper pieces on the skewers. If you notice the barbeque is made from 2 different barbeques, we took a side burner from a scrap unit and incorporated it into ours, it works flawlessly, and is good for frying onions outside.

We’re going to the farm tomorrow after work so there won’t be any website updates until next week.