Off to Saskatchewan

I’m not sure how this will look as I’m typing it in html directly, and I haven’t learned all the rules yet as I do everything with front page, but I’m in Saskatoon in the hotel lobby right now. A few guys from my work and I were mailed out here to do some training. It was a great plane trip here the plane went 508 Miles per hour and flew 40,000 feet up. It was enjoyable.

As for the house, Last week I took the week off and built a few interior walls, I got the spare bedroom framed and the loft for storage above it framed and the sub floor attached. It’s starting to look good, We’ve attached over 80 sheets of drywall, and we are waiting for good lumber to finish the master bedroom and bathroom, I’ve asked for new lumber to be delivered twice as the place has sent me wet mold covered lumber, if you know where I get my lumber don’t buy from there, they are a bunch of flunkies, I won’t mention any names though.

I broke my phone, it fell out of my pocket and broke the ribbon that goes to the flip, which means no sound and no display. It’s been nice without it.


Wanda won some tickets to see Shane Yellowbird, Romi Mayes, Ridley Bent, The Higgins live at the Pal. We went and it was a great time. It was a lot different hearing them sing live, and in a private setting, I think there were only 3 or 4 hundred people there. It’s definitely the way the listen to music.

Yesterday I took a few pictures of the aurora outside out house. I got a great one with the big dipper in the background.