More electrical usage

Read the power meters again. We were on vacation for a week that I took readings before and after, and I got a reading today July 16.

I have decided to calculate the usage in price per month, by averaging the usage per day and multiplying by 30, then by 0.10 as we pay close to $0.10 per KwH.

Cost per month while away.

Dryer $0.90

Furnace $58.80

Well $15.90

Hot Water tank $5.91

Cost per month while home. May 23 – July 16

Dryer $16.50

Furnace $8.40

Well $41.40

Hot Water tank $56.58

Today I have changed the sensors to the Outdoor A/C unit, the furnace (for the fan that runs when the A/C is on), The kitchen stove, the hot water tank. I’ll wait a month or so and see how it goes. It’s going to be 30C outside today and 35C tomorrow. I’d like to see how much the A/C costs on a hot day.

Update, I let it go for 2 months. Now it’s September 15 and this is the amount used since July 16 at $0.10/KwH

A/C outdoor unit 1.5 ton $43.70

Furnace, fan used for a/c $16.60

Range $12.30