Jet tub repair

Our Maxx jet tub has stopped pumping water, I’m not sure when it happened as we haven’t used it for a few months at least. If I had to guess I’d say it’s been 4 months since it was last used.  Well I looked on the internet for a fix, it seems that a few people have the same problem but nobody has put the cure online. Well not exactly no one, there were a few people who suggested that it needed a motor starting capacitor.

Well here’s my story, it only hums and it does not have a capacitor to start the motor.  The first picture shows the tub that I found in the picture archives, I used it to take the best guess of where to cut an access hole in the drywall. I decided to cut on the pump side rather than the motor side of the stud.

I then removed the fittings and piping from the pump and tried to stick my fingers in the inlet and outlet to see if I could turn the impellor by hand, I couldn’t.  I then removed the four screws that hold both the pump together, and to the motor. This allowed me to remove half the pump housing and to turn the impellor, it was stiff but turned. I further loosened the lag bolts that fastened the motor to the tub frame and pulled the assembly through the access hole. There is a hole in the fan end of the motor that a flat screwdriver can be inserted through to hold the armature so that the impellor can be spun off the armature shaft (right hand thread). I further pulled the impellor from the pump housing and inspected the seals. I found the ceramic seal had melted it’s self  to the mating seal. Sorry there’s no picture, I didn’t think of writing about this until after it was fixed. The ceramic seal is white and should not be stuck to anything, I had to pry mine off the seal it rides against. I then reassembled everything and filled it with water. Checked for leaks then put an access panel in place. And all works fine. I hope this helps someone fix their pump.

Then I ate some of these adobo flavored fried corn things that I bought at the lucky food mart today they were very good.