More electrical usage

Read the power meters again. We were on vacation for a week that I took readings before and after, and I got a reading today July 16.

I have decided to calculate the usage in price per month, by averaging the usage per day and multiplying by 30, then by 0.10 as we pay close to $0.10 per KwH.

Cost per month while away.

Dryer $0.90

Furnace $58.80

Well $15.90

Hot Water tank $5.91

Cost per month while home. May 23 – July 16

Dryer $16.50

Furnace $8.40

Well $41.40

Hot Water tank $56.58

Today I have changed the sensors to the Outdoor A/C unit, the furnace (for the fan that runs when the A/C is on), The kitchen stove, the hot water tank. I’ll wait a month or so and see how it goes. It’s going to be 30C outside today and 35C tomorrow. I’d like to see how much the A/C costs on a hot day.

Update, I let it go for 2 months. Now it’s September 15 and this is the amount used since July 16 at $0.10/KwH

A/C outdoor unit 1.5 ton $43.70

Furnace, fan used for a/c $16.60

Range $12.30

Fish hatchery in Spearfish

We went to a fish hatchery in Spearfish, it was pretty good. They had multiple ponds full of trout and a set of stairs that go down to an observation window where you could see the fire through a window.

We walked along a river to get there with a hydroelectric generating station and a campground, it’s a super nice area. The McDonalds in town was awesome as well.

Dinosaur park

In Rapid City , on the top of a 700 foot hill is Dinosaur Park. It has large concrete dinosaurs and was made in the 1930’s. The road up the side if the hill was pretty scary for someone who lives in the prairies, but as you could tell from the kid who passed us on one of the curves you get used to driving on narrow roads up the side of a hill with no guard rails. But really, I could feel the height we had driven to and it made me uneasy.


We saw this butte by Sturgis SD, It doesn’t look big in the pictures but it is pretty big. On the way home we travelled east and could see it after travelling an hour away from it. I think the view from the top would be amazing. Maybe one day I might climb it.

Bear Butte

Electrical usage update

The 4 wattmeters that I installed a month ago have counted our usage and here are the results

Clothes dryer $12.00

Water pump $24.60

Electric Furnace $65.70

Electric hot water heater $44.40

Unusual weather

Well, it’s April 22, and the temperature is 2 degrees Celsius outside. We are having a super thunderstorm with lots of lightning and some hail.

April hail