TV antenna

OK, We got a camera now, Best Buy $129 give or take a dollar or two, it’s refurbished, works good.

Anyways, the excitement for today is a new antenna. It’s a 51 Element VHF UHF FM antenna. And From what I can tell the UHF section is a corner reflector with a yagi, the FM seems to be a regular yagi and the VHF is some sort of log periodic. The assembly instructions lacked a good picture but it went together in less than an hour. I tried it in the living room to figure out which direction to point it, then I disassembled it and moved it into the attic. We now have 4 clear channels and one fuzzy one. The thing I didn’t expect was that one of our channels to be 35. Well, now for some pictures.


Today we made a roast in the barbeque on the rotisserie, it’s extra good. We stood out there eating it with a fork and knife, cutting pieces off as it spins if we only had some pita bread we could have made γύρος (gyros). Well I’m full and I haven’t had anything but roast. Next week I think I’m going to get a new phone, so there will be some new pictures

Broken Jetta

It snowed yesterday, and last night it must have snowed more. When we woke up there was and is still snow on the ground. The stairs are finished. We broke the Jetta two days ago, there’s a bracket that bolts to the back of the transaxle and it goes to the transmission mount, it broke which let the transaxle drop down 8 or so inches. A mounting lug on the transaxle case broke as well, and the inner CV joint and boot were also damaged. The proper fix would be to get a new transaxle case but I think I’m going to just get a new bracket and see how it works, maybe get the case TIG welded if it’s made from wieldable aluminum, we’ll see what happens

Electrical, Done

Well, I haven’t written for a while and I’ve forgotten what I’ve done in the last while, but I can tell you that I’m building stairs.

I cut the stringers a few days ago, and today I decided to screw them to some plywood and mount them in place. They look great, well not that good but they’ll do. I also ran a few 2 X 6’s through the plainer then jointed and glued them together, then I routed the edge with a roundover bit and I’m going to use them as treads. I also plained a few 2 X 8’s down to one inch to use as risers. I placed the parts into place and they look real good.

I think I’ve picked my newest phone, it took so long because I’ve been sold on not getting a Motorola but everything else sucks so that’s what I’m going to get. Well it’s a camera phone and it’ll FTP through Bluetooth, so that should make taking pictures for this website a lot easier, at least I hope so. And the stairs look good, I’ll take a picture of them.

Oh, we got the house final inspection done today, and the electrical passes – signed off – done. Good deal.

You should do it

Another day and still no pictures, well it’s about time that I get a new phone anyways so I just may sign up for another two years of cell phoning. My main problem is that I don’t know what type of phone to get, I’ve had problems with Samsung lately and I was hoping to get another Samsung phone (I know it sounds dumb) but they aren’t making any good ones. Well the only thing I want is a decent camera phone that’s easy to transfer pictures off of. Anyways, maybe I’ll go shopping next week.

Tonight I bought some shelving for the closets and some carpet for the cat’s scratching post. I installed a shoe rack, and I upholstered/carpeted the scratching post. I got home late so that’s all I’m doing tonight.

Here’s a short story. When I talk to my friend Jeff at one of my work places the conversation usually turns to someone who needs some work done or something fixed, usually something that you would hire someone for. Well I never knew this but apparently I always say the same thing to him every time I go there. I always say, “You should do it. How hard can it be?” The last time I was there they thought I should have it as my logo or put it on my shirt.  The reason I’m writing this is because he’s e-mailed me asking to put some quotes on the site. Well Jeff this is for you.

You should do it      Sounds easy      It can’t be that hard

And one more off-topic topic. In most hot water heaters there is an anode. It screws in from the top, and it is used to prevent the hot water tank from rusting. But it wears away over time and when it is all used the tank will start rusting. It’s an easy thing to check and to change, it screws in from the top of the tank, and a new one is about $25.