Air handler

I took today off work to catch up on some house and yard work. We recently bought a cultivator and some pointed tines for it so that we could break up some sod in the front yard to plant some trees. We have 200 sea buckthorn and 50 chokecherry trees to plant, as well as four apple trees and a cherry tree. I spent the morning cutting the grass and cattails, then I cultivated a few strips for new trees then in-between the old trees.

I recently installed a air handler to use with our heat pump which provides air conditioning for us, plus supplements our heat in the winter. When we first installed it would heat only the garage, then I modified it to draw air from the garage then supply it to the house. Yesterday I finished making a plenum for it to draw and return air from and to the house. We got a quote for a sheet metal plenum and it was around $750, I opted to make my own out of hardboard and 2x2s. The home made plenum cost us less than $100. So nine months later we have our system fully installed.

Here are the trees that we planted along the road, we have Rescue Crabapple, Parkland Apple, Juliet Cherry, Golden Spice Pear, and Harcourt apple. We also have Norland, Battleford, and Goodland apple trees near the garden, one of them died last year I think it was the Norland. Our grapes are starting to grow this year as well.