New – old kitchen table

I finished a few more kitchen things today, plus I stained the stairs.

As I was waiting for stain to dry on a few items in the garage I figured I’d try some 220 grit sandpaper on the kitchen table. Well we got it for free, and it has problems. The veneer is worn off in places, it’s made out of chipboard and it had got wet and is permanently swollen in a few places, plus the clear finish is flaking off in places. Well, on with the story. I gave the table some 220 and the clear finish started really flaking off, I was hoping to just scuff the finish enough to apply clear Varathane over. Well I had to sand deeper to remove the previous finish, I sanded for an hour with some 100 grit, then I got the belt sander. It wasn’t pretty. I’m not so good with a belt sander, I left more than a few scratches that didn’t get sanded out with the orbital sander, and the veneer got sanded through in two places. Well I spent 20 minutes with the orbital to make it look better then I stained it. Well some people would say that it has character, I’d say it’s a mess, but it’s better than it was before. And the morel of the story is don’t use the belt sander. I think Wanda will like it.

I also applied some Formica to a 3 partition lower cabinet. I decided I’d try chamfering a 45 degree on one edge. It turned out great. The door is missing because I ran out of half overlay hinges. It’ll be on next week.

Oh, and I tried Google chrome, and the pictures in this website showed up in a single line rather than side by side. After talking to a few people it seems that my pictures tend to show up that way a lot, so I’ve shrunk them from 448 pixels wide to 440 and that fixed it on this computer.


There was lots of lightning last night, I was up watching it, I’m tired today. There were four that hit within 2 seconds of our house. I saw one that I think hit our neighbors pond. I didn’t think about taking any pictures until the storm had moved five miles away. Next time I’ll get some better pictures.

The sink is in

Here’s a quick update. The sink is in and working. I built some countertops myself with contact cement and Formica, it was surprisingly easy. I also installed an under sink garbage disposal. Oh, and some drawers are in. There’s actually lots more that’s ready for staining that I haven’t photographed yet, it’ll be coming in the new few days.