Wet outside

I wanted to add a few pictures of the kitchen at night, well they didn’t turn out very well but here they are anyways. The light is more warm and yellow but the camera makes it look bright and white.

I see that North Dakota is facing some serious flooding, and Fargo is going to have the worst flood in over 100 years. I wish them the best of luck. It looks like we are going to get some bad flooding here as well. Our yard is all under water, the only good thing is that it’s going down to -20 C this week and the most of it will freeze. Our driveway is frozen again right now, it’s been wet and muddy the last week, I’m hoping the cold will stay for a while yet. I’m also happy that we don’t have a basement. Everyone I talk to has water seeping into their basement, our floor is still four feet above the water level.

There’s a guy three miles north of us that has a natural spring in his yard that fills a few ponds with fish in them. As things started to melt this year his yard started to flood, the RM cleared the ditches to his yard a few times to drain the water. Today the water got so high and was threatening his house, they took a backhoe and cut a drainage through the center of the road, it’s about 9 feet across and deep enough for the water to flow between the ditches unrestricted.

Big changes

There’s been a few big changes around the house lately, We got some dogs, and I did some painting. Things are looking good.

Picture 1 shows the dog house we built for them, it took three or four hours. It was built where it stands, it’s 4′ X 4′ X 4′ plus a roof that’s a 6 / 12. It felt good to use the square to lay out rafters, it’s been a few years. I still want to build some skids to mount it on, and move it somewhere intelligent, and maybe put a flap over the door, oh, and I have shingles for it as well, well it’s still a work in progress but they live in it right now.

Picture 2, the dogs. Wanda named them, and well ummmm. I forget what their names are, one of them sounds like Makita like the drywall screw gun and my first drill so I’m calling her Makita, I think the other one’s named Malaya I donno, we’ll figure it out later when I can tell them apart, I call them puppies and they come. They are entirely white but the Jetta has a head gasket that leaks oil, and they go everywhere so they have black patches on themselves sometimes

Everything is painted white, but in the future we will decide what colors we want to paint it, but it was time to seal the walls and finish the dusty phase of building. We also have a chandelier. I didn’t know how high to hang it, well there it is.

Massive house work

The past week I’ve been doing some massive house work, I’ve moved everything into the garage, then I finished the sanding of all the walls and ceiling in the living area (everywhere but the garage), then I primed the walls and ceiling, and painted the walls and ceiling. The painting isn’t fully done yet, I still have the west wall to do one more coat, and the master bedroom closet. Now I’m sweeping and moping the floor, and removing the dust from everything. I’ll have some pictures next week, I’ve lost the interface cable to get the pictures off the camera .