Too busy

I haven’t written for a while, mostly because I have a lack of pictures. Months ago I broke my camera phone, and lately Jake the cat broke Wanda’s camera. I have some recent pictures but I don’t have a card reader to get to them right now.

As for the house, The first set of cupboards are on the wall, the trim around the windows is attached, and there are shelves in the pantry. Plus we had out final electrical inspection, and the scaffold has been reduced in size to fit in the garage.

Sorry there won’t be many updated on this website for the next month or so, I have a few deadlines to meet before the end of May

Dogs, paint, and cupboards oh my

These are the dogs Makita and Malaya shown above, it seems the snow has left our yard and left us with a 6″ deep puddle surrounding the house, sorry I haven’t taken a picture of the puddle.

If you ever wondered if the bulkhead above the kitchen can hold weight, it can. I walk on it to paint, no creaking, it’s happy. Then there’s Jake, he likes to sleep with my boots, good job Jake.

Today I started to apply the sealing coat of Varathane to the pine that will surround the windows in the house it looks really good, I also stained the cabinet that will go above the fridge, The first coat of stain is shown here. I’m writing this as the stain is drying. I’m going to build doors for the cupboards after they are all done, right now we need somewhere to put stuff away in, Even if it’s not going to be it’s permanent place.

Cupboard with wine rack

Last night I built a few cupboards and a wine rack to go inside one of the cupboards. I also bought a few trial packs of stain, I’ve found that I get sold on a particular name of color rather than the color it’s self so I wrote the number of the color on our test piece rather than the names. Sorry for the short descriptions, it’s 6:30am and I just wanted to post an update before going to work. The cabinets are all made from cabinet grade 3/4″ g2s plywood that is veneered with rotary cut birch