Bio – fuels

Well I haven’t heard anyone say  it yet so I may as well, Global warming is a hoax. I really don’t think it’s happening.

And on another note I don’t think bio-fuels are the fix to the future energy crisis. The reason I think that is because I feel we should be feeding ourselves rather than our cars. If you’ve heard of the price of wheat going up just think how much food will cost when everyone decides to grow canola for diesel fuel replacement and grow other crops for ethanol (grain alcohol) to water down gasoline with. I see it happening all ready. If fuel will be worth $5 a liter it’s going to be hard to ask anyone to grow other crops for $3 a bushel (a bushel is about 36 liters).

The deal is that we need to stop wasting the oil that we do have, and find alternatives for heating, and transportation. I’m going to do my part, I’ll have a house with large windows on the south side to allow the sun to heat it in winter, I’ve planted trees in the yard for shade, wind protection, and fuel for a wood stove. I’m going to build a solar water heater which will give me cheap hot water for the house and to heat the floor in winter. I’m going to build a windmill to generate electricity. Wanda’s going to plant a garden, and raise animals for food. I hope to be self sufficient one day, but for now we’ll reduce our impact and save money.

Building day 57

Today I went out to the house and ran a few more pulls of 14/2 through the trusses, the outside plugs are now pre-wired, and the garage lighting has the switches wired to the panel. I also did a few feet of trenching. While I was working at work today I had a thought of how things should be if the world were closer to perfect. The deal is, Everyone should build their own house (it’s the best experience ever), animals do it, people did it in the past, we should still do it. The problem is that you never find enough time to build it while working a full time job. Well, I was thinking, people take six months off work to have a kid, you should be entitled to have at least four months off to build a house, It should be your rite as a person to have kids and build a house.

By the way, I fully recommend building your own house, building ours has been the greatest experience of my life. I’ve learned so much since I’ve started. I feel much better too. I’ve lost weight, and I’m much stronger, and I don’t have any trouble climbing to the top of a ladder fifty times in one evening. I’ve lost my fear of heights, learned to organize myself. It’s been lots of work but it’s not hard at all, you just have to keep at it.

Oh and we had our first framing inspection today, everything passed with the exception of the places that the lower top plates butt together need a board nailed across the seam. It’ll be a one hour job to fix. I’m happy things are good.



May 27      Building day 56

I haven’t added any comments to the site for a while because I’ve been doing electrical. So far We have the octagon boxes mounted in the ceiling for the lighting (were going all Compact florescent screw in), the device boxes for plugs and switches are mounted in the walls, holes are drilled and wires are run.

So far the stuff we installed:

  • 45 octagon boxes  in the ceiling
  • 82 device boxes
  • 1 range plug
  • 1 dryer plug
  • 1 electrical panels
  • 35 feet of 2″ conduit trenched and laid into the floor
  • 1706 feet of 14/2
  • 250 feet of 12/2
  • 220 feet of 14/3
  • 900 feet of Cat 5e data/phone cable

We still have boxes to put for exterior plugs, pot lights in the overhangs, Christmas lights, and a few other circuits inside the house. We also need to trench from the front panel to the back. But things are getting done.

New tub

Tonight I decided that I wanted to have pipe inside the walls for compressed air, I want to have just the quick connector and maybe one inch of 1/4″ pipe coming out of the wall. I decided I would use Schedule 40 PVC, it’s a bit bendable, white, good for water, holds 480 PSI, and cheap, A ten foot length of 3/4″ ID is $8 and the elbows and tees are under a dollar. Total cost will be around $150. I picked up the parts at the local store, and we picked out a tub. This weekend is a long weekend, I’m going to hit er hard, and hopefully get lots done.

By lots I mean, Phone and network cables run and secured, electrical boxes mounted, second panel mounted ceiling wiring finished, and compressed air piping installed. It should be a good one so I’m going to get to sleep

Building day 49

I’ve spent a few days pulling wires through the walls to the device boxes, there’s not much progress to show, but things are getting done. The overhead boxes in the ceiling are done, the fans are done as well (rough in wiring only, the actual stuff gets put in after drywall).

The ceiling stuff took a long time to do as it was all done by ladder. The outlets in the walls are going rather quickly. I had my electrician out there with me tonight roughing in a few boxes, and taking measurements for the big stuff. It seems the big stuff is going to be rather expensive. I think by this time two weeks from now we will have the meter box installed and wired to the main panel, with all the under slab stuff in place.

The next big things to do are plumbing and siding. I have to go to the store with Wanda and pick a bathtub and sinks and such so that I can take the dimensions for the rough in of the plumbing. I also have to figure out what I’m going to do with the electrical that will go on the exterior as it has to work with the siding. I’m not sure it I have to put the siding up before I mount the meter panel to the house or not.

I’ve also decided that I should call for an inspection before I get too far, it’s to be inspected before any insulation goes in, and I’ve already used a bundle or two. And I have to tie up some loose ends, I have so many jobs on the go that are 95% done and it’s driving me crazy. For example I have the holes drilled to anchor the sill to the grade beam, but I was short 4 bolts, so 40 are in and 4 more to go, I’ve forgotten to build an attic access, there’s a few staples left to go for the sheathing that were left out, the windows are in but the self adhesive flashing isn’t installed.

These are all on my mind and it’s this stuff that makes me feel that I have too much to do. I think I’m suffering from the behind schedule anxiety, It’s almost June and I’m not ready for concrete yet, and it all has to be done by November by the latest.  And I’m starting to let stuff lag, it’s not the work that’s the problem, it’s the clerical duties like calling for inspections, setting up appointments, paying for permits and mailing paperwork, picking up the address post for our driveway, getting a mailbox, calling the telephone company for prewireing, it seems like it’s time to make a long list of the worst jobs that have been dragging on putting the worst ones at the top and do them in that order.

Steve and Booter

You may have heard of Jelly, it’s when you get a gathering of people together in one place all doing there own thing, but they help each other. I read about this on nevblog, it usually involves people gathering  with laptops, one person may be writing a play, another a computer program, someone else making a advertisement for something, all people usually don’t know each other but are there to bounce ideas off each other.

Well Wanda, Steve, Dan, and myself had one of those at Dan’s place, I was putting another drive axle and motor mount into the Jetta, Steve had a dead miss in the motor of his truck, Dan was putting his classic car back together after it’s recent paint job, and Wand was reading a book.  It worked excellently, Wanda did some shifting of the transaxle for me while reading, I helped Steve with the diagnosis of his motor (sticking valves), Steve helped Dan, then I fixed a few lights on Dan’s car while Steve talked to Wanda. Then Dan helped me with some boosting and charging on my other vehicle. It was a really good time, we were there until 1am before we noticed it had gotten late.

Below are some pictures of Dan’s car.

Building day 45

Wanda and I went out to our lot in the country to see what we will need to make a large garden, We’re thinking about purchasing 40 yards of sand/loam/peat moss mix for $400 and a cultivator for probably the same. It may not seem worth it but it will bring us years of enjoyment and it’ll be worth it. I don’t think they’ll be able to dump the topsoil directly onto the garden area so we’ll have to move it there with the loader, it’s going to be lots of fun. we’ve already made our list of what we want to plant. I’m getting excited. On our drive home I saw 17 deer in numerous groups along the side of the road, I think we’ll need an electric fence as well. Last year the deer ate our garden.

Well we haven’t really been out to our house for a week or two so we went out there to see how things were and to run some wiring for the lights in the ceiling. When we got there we found that the home wrap on the north wall had completely blown off the house, which in addition to the stuff that blew off the west side a couple weeks ago adds up to about $100 lost, well no problem I’m just going to have to return about twenty of the extra tubes of envelope seal that we got and maybe one hundred pounds of extra nails that we’ll never use and we’ll be up a few hundred dollars. I’d put more pictures in here but there’s really been no progress lately. I got about half the device boxes in the ceiling wired and hopefully this weekend I’ll get them all done, I think that’s going to be my goal for the weekend. Well it’s getting late so I’m off to bed.