More siding

Well I got some stuff done today, I found the best way to put house wrap on the house. I staple home wrap to a 2 by 4 so that it is aligned with the stud marks on the wrap. Then I lift the roll and 2 by 4 up to where I want to start, level the wood and nail in place, I then unroll the home wrap and get a helper to nail some lumber to the wall every 15 feet or so. When I crossed the garage door opening, a 1.5″ abs pipe with a cross bolt was used to carry the home wrap across the opening at the correct height. This was the first time everything went right.

Our cat Jake ran up the ladder and into the attic, soon after multiple pigeons flew out of the attic, not all of them made it out, two of the less fortunate ones became dog food. Good job Jake. If the insulation wasn’t bad for Jake I’d let him go up there again.

Fall has arrived, and I’m going to bed