Ford instrument cluster repair

F-250 instrument cluster -DA

Does the odometer in your Ford super duty truck have an odometer that Goes blank at times?

I fixed one today. The message screen would go black at times and would come back on if you bang on the dash.

I looked on the Internet for the fix before I took it apart and there were a few fixes but none for this style of cluster.

The problems was with a poor solder joint on a 22 ohm 5 Watt resistor . It’s a heavy resistor that probably broke the solder joint while driving over bumps. These trucks with heavy suspensions ride a bit rough when they’re not loaded.

Shown below is the back side of the circuit board, you can see the break near the upper right corner. Break in the solder joint

If you are fixing your own cluster and pulled the needles off the guage motors without noteing the positions use the picture below. I turned the needles all the way down by hand and took this picture.

If you don’t set the needles accurately the guages are not accurate.Ford cluster with lense removed

It took just a touch with the soldering iron and the odometer problem with this instrument cluster was fixed.