Cell phone M500

My phone has big problems! I have a Samsung M500, I’ve had it for four months. I have had multiple problems with it. My friend Calvin has had the same phone and has exchanged it under warranty multiple times. I have ignored it’s problems, and I keep having more.

This is what it has done so far:

  1. At times during use, it will freeze. You could push any button and it will not respond, opening and closing the flap does not fix it either.  The fix is to wait one minute for it to reboot, or remove and reinsert the battery.

  2. The buttons on the keypad have scratched the screen, this does not bother me at all as I only really use it as a phone.

  3. Twice a month on average, it will disconnect it’s self from the network. You can not tell that it has done this, it shows full signal strength, and all is good. But while it is doing this you will not receive any text messages or phone calls. You usually find out it’s done this when you try to send a text message, you get a message of “can not send text message.”  And when you try to make an outgoing call you get the message “call not completed, out of range.” The fix, try to turn the phone off, it will reboot then enter service area and you will find that people have left you messages and text while the phone was offline.

  4. Today at superstore I attempted to take a picture and everything was upside down on the screen, by this I mean the regular (just opened the phone) was fine, but the camera (see what your taking a picture of) screen was upside down, and as I found out later mirror imaged.  (note: this one was my fault, if the volume is pressed while in camera mode it does this.)

I still like the phone, it doesn’t compare to my old Samsung a680; but it does take a good picture if you hold it upside down and don’t mind everything being mirror imaged.