Building day 57

Today I went out to the house and ran a few more pulls of 14/2 through the trusses, the outside plugs are now pre-wired, and the garage lighting has the switches wired to the panel. I also did a few feet of trenching. While I was working at work today I had a thought of how things should be if the world were closer to perfect. The deal is, Everyone should build their own house (it’s the best experience ever), animals do it, people did it in the past, we should still do it. The problem is that you never find enough time to build it while working a full time job. Well, I was thinking, people take six months off work to have a kid, you should be entitled to have at least four months off to build a house, It should be your rite as a person to have kids and build a house.

By the way, I fully recommend building your own house, building ours has been the greatest experience of my life. I’ve learned so much since I’ve started. I feel much better too. I’ve lost weight, and I’m much stronger, and I don’t have any trouble climbing to the top of a ladder fifty times in one evening. I’ve lost my fear of heights, learned to organize myself. It’s been lots of work but it’s not hard at all, you just have to keep at it.

Oh and we had our first framing inspection today, everything passed with the exception of the places that the lower top plates butt together need a board nailed across the seam. It’ll be a one hour job to fix. I’m happy things are good.



May 27      Building day 56

I haven’t added any comments to the site for a while because I’ve been doing electrical. So far We have the octagon boxes mounted in the ceiling for the lighting (were going all Compact florescent screw in), the device boxes for plugs and switches are mounted in the walls, holes are drilled and wires are run.

So far the stuff we installed:

  • 45 octagon boxes  in the ceiling
  • 82 device boxes
  • 1 range plug
  • 1 dryer plug
  • 1 electrical panels
  • 35 feet of 2″ conduit trenched and laid into the floor
  • 1706 feet of 14/2
  • 250 feet of 12/2
  • 220 feet of 14/3
  • 900 feet of Cat 5e data/phone cable

We still have boxes to put for exterior plugs, pot lights in the overhangs, Christmas lights, and a few other circuits inside the house. We also need to trench from the front panel to the back. But things are getting done.