Building day 4 – 7

Wanda took Tuesday to Friday off to help me, and she loved it, I think she has the building fever now. There’s not much progress to show by pictures. Since all the walls that we built are stacked it just looks like a tall stack of pizza boxes, there are ten left to stand. Wanda and I built two wall sections a day and finished and are now finished all the walls. Unfortunately they are very heavy and we will probably require a crane to make them stand safely. The first few that we did with lots of helpers were rather scary. I’m looking for a crane or a zoom boom for Saturday to stand walls with.

We finished all the walls and only used one box of paslode framing nails, the box only cost $40, it was a lot cheaper than I would have thought. It was also very cold out there, as you can see in the pictures, there are no trees for miles, and that snow gets into everything. But I would still rather build in winter than in summer, those mosquitoes and hot humid days are horrible.

I’ll add some pictures in the near future.