Building day 31

Today started with shingles being delivered to our roof, I never knew how they got them up there, I thought they would be on pallets and place them up there with a crane with a fork attachment. They conveyer them up, it went quickly, I only think it took ten or fifteen minutes to get them up and stacked nicely at the peak.

After that it only got worse, I tried armor-guarding the south side first, and it was windy. The wind made a mess of things, I fought with this roll of stuff that wouldn’t stay where I put it, I finally gave up and went to the non-windy side of the house. I put metal drip edges all around, armor-guarded the north side, put the starter strip of shingles on, fought like crazy with my chalk line.

I couldn’t get the chalk line to make straight lines, the wind made a mess of things, I had to stretch it tight and nail it at both ends, it was stupid. The first row of shingles I put on I trusted the line from the chalk, they’re even at the ends but stick out a bit in the middle. It’s noticeable from the ground, I guess I’m going to have eaves troughs on the north side for sure now. It’s not really a big deal though, I could trim them, or not tell anyone they’re not really noticeable.

I know why they charge so much to shingle a house, it really sucks. I’ve been bent over and kneeling and moving 80 pound bundles of shingles, and freezing. I’m sore tonight, I’ve used a whole new set of muscles that I don’t normally use. I can carry OSB up a ladder no problem now, but this bending over thing is horrible. Next house needs a steeper roof, and taller too, maybe I’ll hire someone.

Well I finished over 1/4 of the roof, plus the starter strip is done all the way around, and armor guard, and drip edges. If all goes super good tomorrow I’ll get the roof done halfway before lunch.

The wind wasn’t too bad, but the rain and snow wasn’t good, I was soaked, and cold. I hope it doesn’t freeze overnight.  The yard is melting a lot and there’s mud everywhere, and standing water. All we need is a gap in our driveway and a drawbridge. it’s going to look like the flood of 97 in our yard in a few weeks. I want to re landscape it after the house is done.