Building day 25

There hasn’t been much to show for progress as the work has been slow going. I have put the fascia board up on the north side of the house, and finished the sheathing on the east side. It has taken extra time because the ground is not level on the east side and using a ladder becomes difficult. All of the sheathing was done from the outside with a ladder. Most of the sheets were hoisted up with the block and tackle but the outside and top sheets had to be carried to the top, up the ladder. It was a slow process mainly due to having to dig one hole every time the ladder was moved to level it. The Picture shows the over hang being hoisted to the top. It lacks color because it was taken just before dark. I got it fixed into place but it was too dark to take a picture with a camera phone.

I’m starting to rush to get things done, we have until the end of this month to decide if we are going to renew our lease and until the end of may to be moved out. I never made a timeline for this project and since I’ve never built a house before I have a hard time estimating how long it will take. A lot of things take longer just due to the height of the building, I saw this when sheathing the gable ends. It was a 28 foot climb to get to the top, and you get worn out carrying a sheet of OSB that long. I hope to get the roof sheeted this Sunday, and get shingles delivered and installed within a week from then. I’m also going to get the overhead door delivered, and a few windows, then I can start home wrapping and installing windows. Well, my goal is to get it closed in by the twenty-third of March, and I need the Electrical and Plumbing to be done soon after so that we can pour the floor before the road restrictions go on.