It is flipping hot today in Winnipeg. We have air conditioning in our apartment but it can’t keep up with the heat. All our windows face south, and even with the blinds closed, the air conditioning can’t keep up. Plus we have the worst layout for air movement. The bedroom is down a long hallway, at the opposite end of the hall is the living room with the air conditioner. You don’t get much cooling in the bedroom. In an attempt to remedy this I bought a blower.

The blower does work, but not as well as I would like. It blows 300 cubic feet per minute (says the box), but for a squirrel cage style blower it is rather noisy. I think this is because it has safety grills on the air entrances and exits. I may one day cut them off, but for now I want to see if we like it better than our current fan. It does move more air and is quieter than our current fan which makes it good for blowing cool hall air into the bedroom. One other thing that we don’t like about it is that it is yellow, it would be fine for the shop but it’s not so good for the home. Wanda had to hold back a laugh when I showed it to her.