The April 2010 update

Well thanks to Andrew for telling me to update this website.

Well not much is new, I got a haircut, and started eating apples. I get a itchy mouth from apples, but as I just found out, if I peel them it’s not itchy.

And here are the pictures. The neighbors Rabbits visit us almost once a day. We made some Paska for Easter, it was good, it’s plain bread though, no saffron or raisins. There was some hot crossed buns floating around here with that stuff in them though.

I’ve added a additional part to the island. It’s suspended by two 1″ X 0.125″  steel square tubes. It seems to just float there in mid-air. I think I’m going to start making more stuff with steel. Plus I’ve found a good local metal salvage yard with good prices.

I’ve started making a railing and handrail for the stairs.

It’s gardening time again, this year I’ve started planting seeds indoors for future transplant.