A new suspension for the sled

Well, I haven’t updated this website for a while and I’m going to start updating it again. 

The house is pretty much finished, the vinyl siding is fully done, and the soffits and fascia are done on three of the four sides. I’ll finish it when summer comes. I’ve attached Christmas lights to the house that look really good. I built some cupboards for the garage, and have cleaned it.

A week or two ago I removed the stock rear suspension from my 93 Polaris XCR and installed an Xtra-10 skid from a 99 Model. It’s not a direct bolt in, I had to move the mounting points on the tunnel. This involved drilling rivets, moving mounting plates, and lots of new bolts and lock-tite. I’m not sure if I like the new suspension yet. It does keep me on the seat 85% of the time, when I used to spend 60% of the time on the seat, plus it rides a bit softer, but it as raised the center of gravity and put more weight on the front of the skid so that when I turn, the inside ski lifts and the sled wants to flip. I’ve drastically shortened the front limiting straps which has put more weight on the skis, and I increased the front spring preload. The sled is now harder to steer, and rides harsher but corners much better. I took it for some hard cornering in the field across the street and it turns hard enough to give me motion sickness, I think I’ve pretty much cranked out all of the extra travel and now it rides the way it used to with the old suspension. One big difference is that when I take a jump that the sled used to leave the ground over, I now have the rear track still somewhat touching the ground, probably not much traction, but still leaves marks on the snow. Overall I think it was a good modification, if you’re into a more comfortable ride, but if your into cornering hard enough to have a studded track swing out before the inside ski lifts your going to be somewhat disappointed because the stock 93 suspension was pretty good. Well one other thing is I haven’t touched the front end at all either and it should be updated to a newer version to match the rear, on the other hand I drove a 99 XC SP 600 and it rides the same as mine does now.

When the sun’s out I’ll take a few pictures of the house.