End of July update

Ok, I haven’t kept up with the website very well lately, I’ve until August 15 to be finished the house, or very close. Honestly, I don’t think I’m close, but I might make it. So I’ll Let the following pictures tell the most the story of what’s happened the past week or so.

I learned to build drawers, very easy if you do a large run of them, I did a run of twelve drawers, it took one day to build and two to finish. I bought a cheap HVLP paint sprayer for $34 it’s made for spraying automotive paint but I put polyurethane wood paint in it. It does a great job, ultra smooth and obviously no brush marks.

The pantry door is in place, when you open it the pantry light goes on, I keep thinking the pantry is some sort of giant fridge. I keep thinking that I have to close the door to save power, and I find myself staring into the pantry the way I stare into the fridge.

We’ve had rain and thunderstorms here lately.

And that’s about it.