Installing an I-Beam

I’d like to break this story into the days that I did them on, but I’m short on time and sleep. Instead I will post the pictures and give a brief explanation of each then go to bed, so here it goes.

I measured the I beam bolt spacing then drilled corresponding holes through the drywall with a fostner bit from the attic side.

I should have taken a side view picture. It sits flush against the drywall.

I winched the I-beam up with a hand winch that was bolted to a 2 X 10 that was screwed to the 6 trusses in the attic.

There’s Jake, he’s all ways talking. Here he’s asking for company to sleep with him.

Here’s Hanna, She was sitting on the door watching us eat supper.

I made and installed four doors so far, they look good. We need to stain and seal them yet, but I wanted to test fit them before finishing.

Here’s the other two, they are all made out of pine. I used the 2 X 4’s from the wooden scaffold to make the doors.

The raised center panel is made from 1.5″ wide X 1″ thick strips that were edge glued and plained to 3/4″ thick. The rails and styles were made from 1 solid piece of pine each that is 3 1/8″ wide and 3/4″ thick. The rails and styles fit together with a simple tongue and groove. I did buy a fancier router bit to make the doors with but we both decided that a nice thicker bold frame with a simple raised panel in the center is what we wanted.

We actually went to a cabinet store, looked at all the door samples that they had, and decided that this was the best looking style for our house. It’s easy to build as well. Although it was easy, it still took me a full day to make the first two doors. They’re starting to get faster now though