Sign of the covenent

I’ve had a sore shoulder – back – neck lately that causes me to get headaches. Well I’ve finally figured it out. It’s the cell phone. Holding your left hand to your ear for a thousand plus hours a month takes it’s toll. And thinking about it, I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Years ago you could only talk on the phone when you were corded to a wall, but now everyone talks non stop anywhere they go.

And now for the weather, It’s June and we have a frost warning, a couple of weeks ago we had snow. Today we had a fast moving thunderstorm pass through. I followed it as it headed east as I drove home. It wasn’t very exciting, I’ve seen lots better.

 After supper a small storm just went over us and left a large double rainbow to the East of us. I got a few pictures of it, in the pictures it looks like the area below the rainbow is brighter, and that is really how it was.