Electrical, Done

Well, I haven’t written for a while and I’ve forgotten what I’ve done in the last while, but I can tell you that I’m building stairs.

I cut the stringers a few days ago, and today I decided to screw them to some plywood and mount them in place. They look great, well not that good but they’ll do. I also ran a few 2 X 6’s through the plainer then jointed and glued them together, then I routed the edge with a roundover bit and I’m going to use them as treads. I also plained a few 2 X 8’s down to one inch to use as risers. I placed the parts into place and they look real good.

I think I’ve picked my newest phone, it took so long because I’ve been sold on not getting a Motorola but everything else sucks so that’s what I’m going to get. Well it’s a camera phone and it’ll FTP through Bluetooth, so that should make taking pictures for this website a lot easier, at least I hope so. And the stairs look good, I’ll take a picture of them.

Oh, we got the house final inspection done today, and the electrical passes – signed off – done. Good deal.