Power snares

I installed a door inside the entrance to the bathroom today, It didn’t take long, but it’s all I accomplished this evening. We’re trying to keep the house clean until Christmas is done. Speaking of Christmas, Wanda got some Ram power snares for me for Christmas, I’m going to trap a few Coyotes in our backyard, I can hear them howling at night, and they sound close. I got Wanda a Kitchen-aid mixer, the bowl lift type, it goes ok, I think she’ll like it. She knows about it already, she’s going to use it for Christmas baking, it seemed only fair to give it to her as I got what she bought me already.

Sorry I don’t have any new pictures, if your anything like me you probably don’t even read the comments, just look at the pictures, Well in that case I’m just typing incase your bored; then you’ll have something to read. And that said it’s 10:47pm here and I’m going to bed right after I upload this to the web server, Good night everyone.