November 2008

I haven’t written anything for a while and I just found some time to do some writing.  We just got internet at our house, it’s quicker than the high-speed internet in the city. I’m happy with it. It’s wireless and runs on a dual 5.6 GHz link to the tower where it is sent to me on a single 2.4 GHz link. I have one of those square white box antennae attached to a sat dish arm on the side of the house. It works good. I got to talk to the guys who set it up for an hour or so, they make all there own equipment, and they knew what they were doing. It was good to talk radio with them, I know lower frequency radio but I’ve never really played with anything in the microwave range. It’s interesting to me because I’m a amateur radio guy. If you ever move into my area ask me what internet to get.

Below you can see our new tub with the tiles installed under it. It looks good and the platform that it sits on was really easy to build. The tiling wasn’t too bad either, and it looks great. We needed to put a step to raise the tub for the plumbing to have the correct slope.

The picture to the right of the tub is our spare bedroom, the green line on the wall is masking tape. It’s gone now and the window has been washed, it looks great. The floor is laminate, it’s easy to install, it took only two hours. I didn’t put any underlayment under it even though it says that you absolutely have to. I didn’t want it to add any insulation value to the flooring as we have in-floor heat.

The two pictures at the bottom are our two cats, and me installing the wall tiles above our tub. And I need a haircut. It’s in the works.


Last week I shot this thing during rifle season, there were actually three of them that ran out of the bush and this one wasn’t the biggest one, but it was the one I shot at. I’m happy with him, he doesn’t taste too gamey and he had over 50 lb of usable meat. He’s mostly sausage now. We had spaghetti sauce made from him as well.