Homemade scaffolding

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any progress. So far this month I’ve just about finished the insulating (many thanks to Jen and Sheryl who did pretty much all the crappy hard to fit pieces, and Jen did the north wall behind the wiring).

I also built a scaffold. I priced some scaffolding and it would cost me over $1000 to get what I need, to build the same thing in wood it was a shade under $200 and it took less than a day to build. An other bonus with the wood scaffold is that I will reuse the wood for the bulkhead above the kitchen, shelving, and walls so there will be little waste.  It the background you can see the heat pump that I bought for $700. It works like an air conditioner but it can be used in reverse to heat the house as well (well at least until -15C. then the in-floor heat takes over).