Conerete sealer is great

The floor was poured a few days ago but I’ve just got around to putting  pictures of it on the site. The finish is a semi-gloss sealer which should turn a matte within a week. Wanda really likes the floor, it’s ultra smooth, actually too smooth (I think I may fall if I walk in with wet boots on in the winter). The concrete is still dark because the water hasn’t come out of it yet, it’s really nice stuff. We are going to reseal it with CPD 30, it’s the same sort of stuff that we have it sealed with but it’s glossy and thicker. We would have done that before but we were planning to put tile and laminate flooring over the cement, but now we may leave it as our actual floor (you might think we’re crazy but if you saw it you’d be impressed, it was trowel ed seven times). And many thanks to our concrete guy, he’s is excellent, he did a perfect job, and he made a driveway up to our garage door, plus smoothed out some fill that we had delivered, and last time we had ten truckloads of rock delivered he whipped up a driveway for us before I got out there to do it. I think he’s gone out of his way to make us happy.