July 6 2008

Yesterday I covered the plumbing with mixed gravel and rechecked the slope of the pipes, then I ran a mail water line from the pump to the laundry/mechanical room. It’s gotten to the point where I’m running out of work that I can do before the floor is poured. I could start insulating but I think it will be easier to do after the floor is in and I get some scaffolding. One job that I’ve been waiting to do is covering the conduit in the floor. I’d have it done already but we still haven’t heard back from the electrical inspector that we’ve been waiting for since June 26.

The eggs from our killdeer that were in our driveway disappeared, I saw them one night when I left and the next morning they were gone, and all pieces of shell were gone too. We think maybe a fox of a dog came by and ate them.