Building day 61

I found a few pictures from last week, to the left is a picture of the house with the meter panel with double masts and underground conduit attached. We got 400 amp service and opted to have two masts wired in parallel, it’s like having two 200 amp services attached to out meter panel. From the meter panel we get 200 amps to the house, and 200 amps to the future house.

Also shown is our neighbor to the south Mellissa W. we had her over for supper a few days ago, Wanda made steak, potatoes, and beans. We haven’t really had anyone over before so we had to build a quick eating table. A few quick pieces of plywood made the saw table into a good place to eat.

Wanda has planted a garden around our holding tank, it’s the best looking tank on the street. We also have started a garden, by we I mean Wanda, Jen, and Tre. I’ve kept myself out of the planting for this year.