Bio – fuels

Well I haven’t heard anyone say  it yet so I may as well, Global warming is a hoax. I really don’t think it’s happening.

And on another note I don’t think bio-fuels are the fix to the future energy crisis. The reason I think that is because I feel we should be feeding ourselves rather than our cars. If you’ve heard of the price of wheat going up just think how much food will cost when everyone decides to grow canola for diesel fuel replacement and grow other crops for ethanol (grain alcohol) to water down gasoline with. I see it happening all ready. If fuel will be worth $5 a liter it’s going to be hard to ask anyone to grow other crops for $3 a bushel (a bushel is about 36 liters).

The deal is that we need to stop wasting the oil that we do have, and find alternatives for heating, and transportation. I’m going to do my part, I’ll have a house with large windows on the south side to allow the sun to heat it in winter, I’ve planted trees in the yard for shade, wind protection, and fuel for a wood stove. I’m going to build a solar water heater which will give me cheap hot water for the house and to heat the floor in winter. I’m going to build a windmill to generate electricity. Wanda’s going to plant a garden, and raise animals for food. I hope to be self sufficient one day, but for now we’ll reduce our impact and save money.