New tub

Tonight I decided that I wanted to have pipe inside the walls for compressed air, I want to have just the quick connector and maybe one inch of 1/4″ pipe coming out of the wall. I decided I would use Schedule 40 PVC, it’s a bit bendable, white, good for water, holds 480 PSI, and cheap, A ten foot length of 3/4″ ID is $8 and the elbows and tees are under a dollar. Total cost will be around $150. I picked up the parts at the local store, and we picked out a tub. This weekend is a long weekend, I’m going to hit er hard, and hopefully get lots done.

By lots I mean, Phone and network cables run and secured, electrical boxes mounted, second panel mounted ceiling wiring finished, and compressed air piping installed. It should be a good one so I’m going to get to sleep