Building day 49

I’ve spent a few days pulling wires through the walls to the device boxes, there’s not much progress to show, but things are getting done. The overhead boxes in the ceiling are done, the fans are done as well (rough in wiring only, the actual stuff gets put in after drywall).

The ceiling stuff took a long time to do as it was all done by ladder. The outlets in the walls are going rather quickly. I had my electrician out there with me tonight roughing in a few boxes, and taking measurements for the big stuff. It seems the big stuff is going to be rather expensive. I think by this time two weeks from now we will have the meter box installed and wired to the main panel, with all the under slab stuff in place.

The next big things to do are plumbing and siding. I have to go to the store with Wanda and pick a bathtub and sinks and such so that I can take the dimensions for the rough in of the plumbing. I also have to figure out what I’m going to do with the electrical that will go on the exterior as it has to work with the siding. I’m not sure it I have to put the siding up before I mount the meter panel to the house or not.

I’ve also decided that I should call for an inspection before I get too far, it’s to be inspected before any insulation goes in, and I’ve already used a bundle or two. And I have to tie up some loose ends, I have so many jobs on the go that are 95% done and it’s driving me crazy. For example I have the holes drilled to anchor the sill to the grade beam, but I was short 4 bolts, so 40 are in and 4 more to go, I’ve forgotten to build an attic access, there’s a few staples left to go for the sheathing that were left out, the windows are in but the self adhesive flashing isn’t installed.

These are all on my mind and it’s this stuff that makes me feel that I have too much to do. I think I’m suffering from the behind schedule anxiety, It’s almost June and I’m not ready for concrete yet, and it all has to be done by November by the latest.  And I’m starting to let stuff lag, it’s not the work that’s the problem, it’s the clerical duties like calling for inspections, setting up appointments, paying for permits and mailing paperwork, picking up the address post for our driveway, getting a mailbox, calling the telephone company for prewireing, it seems like it’s time to make a long list of the worst jobs that have been dragging on putting the worst ones at the top and do them in that order.