Steve and Booter

You may have heard of Jelly, it’s when you get a gathering of people together in one place all doing there own thing, but they help each other. I read about this on nevblog, it usually involves people gathering  with laptops, one person may be writing a play, another a computer program, someone else making a advertisement for something, all people usually don’t know each other but are there to bounce ideas off each other.

Well Wanda, Steve, Dan, and myself had one of those at Dan’s place, I was putting another drive axle and motor mount into the Jetta, Steve had a dead miss in the motor of his truck, Dan was putting his classic car back together after it’s recent paint job, and Wand was reading a book.  It worked excellently, Wanda did some shifting of the transaxle for me while reading, I helped Steve with the diagnosis of his motor (sticking valves), Steve helped Dan, then I fixed a few lights on Dan’s car while Steve talked to Wanda. Then Dan helped me with some boosting and charging on my other vehicle. It was a really good time, we were there until 1am before we noticed it had gotten late.

Below are some pictures of Dan’s car.