Lots of geese

Today we took a greyhound bus home from Saskatchewan, it wasn’t a bad trip but on the bus a five hour trip can easily take more than ten hours. We left the Jetta because it needed a left front axle shaft and a wheel bearing. Actually it only needed a axle shaft but the way t vibrated when driving and came and left when swerving left and right I was sure it needed a wheel bearing. After disassembly and inspection of both parts it required both parts. So the car is there and we are here, we’ll get back there in a week or two to fix it.

There’s lots of snow geese in Saskatchewan, we saw a few flocks that had more than five thousand birds in them, it was unbelievable. The picture doesn’t do it justice, this was a small flock. It’s snow goose season there as well, and if the limits are the same as they are here, it’s 15 you can shoot per day and 45 per person in the freezer. I should take my shotgun when we go back to get the other car.