Building day 44

Today we installed a few windows, well actually the rest of them. It took some designing but we got it done. We took a 2X4 and cut a slot into it with the table saw, then drilled holes in a piece of angle iron, and attached the 2X4 to the metal with wood screws. We then put the nailing strip of the window into the 2X4 , and made some more bracketry. It’s best to see the pictures.

The windows were put into the bracket while inside the house, then brought outside with the tractor, after that they were hood to the pulley system that we used for everything. The rope from the pulley system was attached to the truck (the windows were heavy) and the truck was driven to lift the window into place. with a few hand signals the window was placed accurately into the wall. It all went well, and was done in one afternoon.