Building day 43, maybe

Well it’s been busy doing birthday things this last week (I’m 30 now) and I haven’t done anything significant but I thought I’d throw some current pictures on here and tell you all about the breakfast that I ate today. And say happy birthday to my friend Dave. Happy birthday Dave T



Well they’re out of order but as the story goes, I put up some house wrap, it was not really windy at all but the stuff likes to fight you all the way, we (Tre and I) made a boat out of some scrap OSB and wood it kept us busy, and we both needed a break.

The progress so far is: the windows are half put in, and I’ve put electrical device boxes in the ceiling for lights.

As for breakfast, Jen, Tre, and I went to the harvest moon cafe, it was excellent, I had a lobster, asparagus and brie Omelet with toast, it was the best. I always get takeout coffee from them, it’s the best coffee I’ve had. I recommend this place, top marks.