Building day 34 – 37

I should have paid someone to install the overhead door, I’ve blown the time budget on it. I’ve spent the last few days building an additional frame that attaches to the wall (instructions say to, I’d rather skip this step and fasten it to the wall but the red letters in the instructions scared me). I’ve spent 4 days working on that door, today I finished it. Well as finished as it’s going to get for the next while. I need the correct sized shaft that the springs go on (they shipped me the wrong one), and I need to return the electric opener they sent the wrong style of opener I want a jackshaft style one not a trolley one. One thing I never knew about overhead doors is that you assemble them from the ground up, I put the first two sections up by hand and then I used the block and tackle with some nylon straps to hoist the rest of the sections up. Putting the sections in was easy, the thing that took the most time was putting the tracks up and making sure they were level plumb and the same distance apart all the time.

Today (March 21) Aaron came out to help me, He cut the rough openings for the windows and doors, and did some finishing touches to the overhead door framing, and he put the last sheet of OSB on the south wall. It’s nice in the house with the holes in the walls. I played overhead door all morning and afternoon, the evening I spent packing up the tools that we were done using (roofing tools, sheathing staplers, ect…) to take back to the city for storage, then I repackaged the unused nails and staples for return to the store, and I picked up the OSB pieces and shingles that were scattered around the yard to take to the dump.

Tomorrow I hope to get the first strip of Typar up and the doors installed. I just hope the local building stores are open tomorrow. (It’s Easter)