Building day 33

Today was basically the same as yesterday, except a bit slower (Jen only had one extra large coffee). Wanda got a lot of the fire blocks installed, Tre cleaned some of the yard, and Jen and I finished shingling the roof. It was a bit too cold to work with the shingles, but we made do.

Time for another list of goals for next week and a half:

  • Finish sheathing the north wall (Done)
  • Finish fire blocking
  • Pick up and install insulation stops
  • Install house wrap
  • Make a final electrical plan and get a permit
  • Order the electrical panels (Done)
  • Get a electrical mast and attachments
  • Find flashing for the windows and the insulation around the grade beam
  • Get the overhead door installed (Done)
  • Pick up my doors and install them (Done)
  • I need windows delivered and installed
  • I need to call my plumber (Done)
  • Figure out how to vapor barrier around electrical device boxes (Done, Thanks Joe)
  • Make a detailed drawing of the bathroom and laundry room for electrical and plumbing purposes
  • Pick plumbing items like tubs and sinks
  • If I get all this done then do a massive buy of electrical parts for the house