Building day 32

Well it seems that installing shingles isn’t quite as bad as it first seemed to be. Today the sun was out an it melted the shingles and made them soft and very easy to work with. I didn’t know it before but I was fighting with the shingles because they were bent and twisted, and wouldn’t line up very well. I also got the chalk line working today. It was the wind that was making it work improperly today it drew straight lines every time, and since the shingles were warm they didn’t go crooked at all. Jen was on the roof helping me today, we got lots done, When we started I had 6 rows of shingles at the bottom done, when we finished there is only 4 rows to do at the top to do. I think there only half  day left of shingling to do.

Jen runs on coffee, that’s the premium fuel for her, she had two extra large coffees and she ran full giver all day. I went down to fix an air line, Wanda asked if I was ready to eat, I said no figuring I’d eat when Jen was hungry; It didn’t happen. We went non stop until the sun went own and the shingles started getting too hard to work with. When I’d slow down she’d make me get going, it was a super productive day.

Wanda and Tre cut and nailed boards in the walls as fire blocking, they got the first row of 4 done today. Jen opened bundles of shingles, spread them in the sun to melt the ice between them, then rearranged them to allow them to warm in the sun, then she placed them in the rows for me to attach and brought me nails. I did the final placement of the shingles and nailing.

I have pictures to add here but then need reformatting and it’s getting late. I’ll be out there tomorrow finishing the shingles, plus doing some fire blocking and maybe sheathing the north wall