Building day 29

Today was a good day, Cory and cousin Curt (sorry if I spelt that wrong), Wanda, My Dad, Jen, Tre, and myself were all there. Curt laid down plywood on the roof and tacked it in place, Cory did stapling, My dad and Jen hauled plywood and attached it to the hoist, Jen did most of the pulling, Wanda was doing general work, and she also organized the eating, Tre enjoyed the snow and the ds, I almost did nothing. Well Curt called down for a few two by fours to be cut to a certain length, I did a bit of that, and I ate some hamburgers.

Cory and Curt were good at what they did,  you could see that they had spent some time doing this before. We started all got there at 9:00 am, but after setting everything up we didn’t get really working until after 9:30. These guys had the roof covered with plywood, ends trimmed, stapled in place, fully done by 2:00 pm. and they stopped for coffee. It was interesting watching them work, I’m inexperienced when it comes to working up in the trusses, I’ve put my time in up there, but I still take a long time to get around. These guys just fly, I saw Curt walking on the top of the wall, and to get down for coffee they will climb down from the roof through the rafters to get to the ladder. When I need the saw on the roof I need someone to bring it up, Curt will lay down on the bottom chord of the trusses and get you to throw the cord to him. These guys are good stuff.

The hamburgers Wanda cooked were great, and thanks to my dad for getting more propane.

Everyone left around 3:00 pm, but since I didn’t do too much yet, I sheathed the south wall. It took until the sun was down and I still have one more piece to install, but it’s just about done.