Building day 28

Today Wanda, Jen, Tre, and myself went to do some work on the house. Wanda and Jen got the hurricane brackets installed (except 8). I finished building the over head hoist. Then we all started sheathing the roof.

The hoist worked perfectly, and we got the first row sheathed plus a bit. Actually it was 10.5 sheets that we got up into place. Things are looking good. I think we will use 160 sheets of plywood (partial and full) in total, so we are 14.5% done so far. We are going to go at it tomorrow morning with all the people from today, plus my dad, Cory, and Curt. With possibly a special guest appearance from Andrew and Steve. We’ll actually have too many people out there, well as long as they can entertain themselves things will be all right.

Future things to do:

  • I need to make a final electrical plan and get a permit
  • I also need to order my electrical panel (Done)
  • I need to get flashing for the bottom and the drip edge (Done)
  • I should order shingles soon (Done)
  • I need to finish the rough opening for the overhead door and install it (Done)
  • I need locksets (Done)
  • I need windows delivered
  • I need to call my plumber (Done)
  • I have twelve hours to decide how much space to leave for a ridge vent (3″ ,done)
  • I got to find out when road restrictions go on (concrete must be poured before then) Done

March 18 road restrictions art %90 of normal axle loads March 25 they are %65 of normal axle loads. I think I have big problems.