Building day 27

I got the over hang done on both gable ends, and I just about have the fascia board completed, I just have 14 feet left to go plus some minor trimming on the ends. I have made a homemade crane to lift the plywood to the roof; it still needs some minor touches but it will be working by Sunday so that we can start sheathing the roof. The house is starting to look like a house.

I’ve decided to put some metal connectors on the south wall to tie the headers above the windows into the double top plate. The roof is very strong for downward forces but I think it could be prone to lifting if we get some high winds. The blueprints called for hurricane brackets on the ends of each truss, and there is a 8 foot unfastened length above each of the four windows on the south side.

Before Sunday I will need to finish the fascia, get the plywood hoist operational and finish installing hurricane brackets and framing connectors. I should also pick up another box of staples for the sheathing stapler. There’s a lot of extra metal that I’ve put into the house, hopefully we didn’t need it but you never know what the weather will throw at you.