Building day 22

After work today I went out to do some building. I got the end overhang pieces attached to the west wall. And I made a tool to allow me to install the fascia by myself. As always I thought it up in a few minutes, and it’s made from whatever I found laying around, and it has a 3/8″ ratchet extension that is used as a pin.  The way it works is you pit it on the truss and place one end of your fascia into the groove of the tool. The weight of the fascia causes the nails at the opposite end of the tool to bite the truss and prevent it from sliding off the truss. The removable pin allows the tool to be removed from the truss after the fascia is nailed in place. I put one end of the fascia (2X6) in the tool and climb the ladder while holding the other end. When I’m at the top, I nail the fascia in place. It’s still work but it makes it do-able by one person, and the tool was free to make.