Building day 20

Today I went out by myself to finish the bracing of the west wall’s gable truss and sheet the wall. The bracing took a few hours and I just about lost the saw and the cordless nailer (due to falling from the top) a few times but we all made it through ok. The bracing wasn’t too bad to do, but the sheeting was the scariest thing ever the peak of the roof is 6 feet from the top of the 18 foot wall which is on a 3.5 foot grade beam that is on a mound of cement wash that brings it up a few feet, I’m guessing it’s 29 some feet up there. I’m glad it’s done. It’s exhausting carrying OSB up a ladder. I usually pull it up with a block and tackle but the end and top sheets have to be done by hand because the pulley system gets in the way when you are doing top sheets. I also got one of the over hang ladders put into place. It’s looking good.